Buy Now – Shop Quilts For A Cause!


Pay here:

And then send an email to asking to purchase Quilt #___ from Quilts for A Cause. Include a name and shipping address.

Please include an extra $10 for shipping (within the continental U.S.) unless otherwise specified.


20% of Proceeds will benefit MADNAP – Mothers Against Drugging the Nursing and Pregnant which educates the public on the deadly risks to babies of psychiatric drugs used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

For more views of our quilts visit our Flickr feed at and scroll through the photostream.

*Note – On every blog entry, you can click on “Click here to browse more photos of this quilt” and it will take you straight to that quilt’s photo on the Flickr feed. You can then see all the photos of that particular quilt.

To search for a quilt more quickly find the search box at the bottom of the page, and then type in “Quilt #__” for 1-27 to find that entry. Or click on a tag or category to see all the similar quilts.

To navigate through the blog click on the arrows at the bottom of each entry. Or you can click on the right side of a photo to go to an older entry, and the left side to go to the newer entry. To get to the newest entry click on the blog title “Quilts For A Cause” at the top of the page.

Quilts shown here on a king sized bed.


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